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Frequently Asked Questions

How to load Flash Player?

Due to the always evolving video formats in the internet, sometimes you may see prompt on the TV screen to ask you to add or to load Flash Player, for example, the prompt can be "This content required Adobe Flash Player-Version 10.2.159". In this situation, please go to a browser window, then, click on the vertical three dots on the upper right corner, click "Settings" >> click "Advanced" >> click "UA String", then switch between "Android" and "Desktop". Then click return button to go back to the browser page, and you can watch the content now.

Cannot connect to Network?

Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on, and also check if you have input the right password of the Wi-Fi router. Make sure the Network cable is securely connected and Ethernet works well.

No signal on the HDTV?

Check the HDMI cable is securely connected. Check if you have selected the correct HDMI input in your HDTV.

Cannot turn on your Cloud TV Box?

Check if power adapter is plugged into the power socket. Check if power adapter is completely plugged into the DC port of your Cloud TV Box. Check if Power supply is stable.

Some HDVTs can't display the entire picture?

There are two ways to fix this problem Set up the ratio of your HDTV as automatic. On your HDTV, go to Menu Screen Press the arrow button to select the ratio type choose automatically display the entire picture. Adjust the display position of your Cloud TV Box. Pls see the “Screen Adjustment” in the user manual.

Remote controller does not respond?

Make sure the batteries are working and inserted properly. Make sure no object block the path between the Remote controller and the signal sensor on your Cloud TV Box. Make sure the distance between the remote controller and the Cloud TV Box is not more than 10m.

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